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Brief Strategic Family Therapy®(BSFT®)
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Keeping BSFT strong in Southwest Michigan for years. Awesome!

Lacey Merchant, Fay Featherly, Angela Deal (BSFT Supervisor),

Michelle Ousler, Tony Palomba, Olga Hervis

Last Updated on:: 10 / 21 / 2016
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BSFT Counselor to Family Ratios

One full-time counselor can provide the BSFT intervention to 15-20 families, depending on the experience and maturity of the counselor. If sessions are provided in the home, the number of families carried may be reduced to account for travel time to the home. Each family session runs for approximately 1 to 1½ hours.

On the average, a BSFT Certified therapist can typically treat 25 - 35 families to completion within one year.

BSFT strongly encourages a program structure that includes at least three counselors assigned to conduct the intervention - even if on a part time basis. This will allow counselors to support and consult with each about BSFT. Several counselors and the ability to videotape BSFT sessions will improve the effectiveness of the training and the outcome with the families.