Family Therapy Training Institute of Miami
Training therapists to help 
at-risk children and their families
through the model evidence based program
Brief Strategic Family Therapy®(BSFT®)
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1221 Brickell Avenue,
9th Floor, Miami, FL 33131
Toll Free: (888) 527 -3828

FAX: (786) 953-8404



Keeping BSFT strong in Southwest Michigan for years. Awesome!

Lacey Merchant, Fay Featherly, Angela Deal (BSFT Supervisor),

Michelle Ousler, Tony Palomba, Olga Hervis

Last Updated on:: 10 / 24 / 2016
Home Brief Strategic Family Therapy™ Expected Results
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What Can We Expect to Achieve by using BSFT®?

In the child:
  • Reduced behavior problems
  • Improved self-control
  • Reduced associations with antisocial peers
  • Reduced drug use
  • Development of Pro-social behaviors

In the family:
  • Increased parental involvement with one another and with the child
  • Effective parenting, including successful management of children's behavior and positive affect in the parent-child interactions
  • Improved family cohesiveness and collaboration,
  • Increased bonding between children and parents
  • Improved family communication, conflict resolution and problem solving skills
  • Reduced negativity and improved affect in family relations
  • Correct assignment and effective performance of the roles and responsibilities of the family