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BSFT Overview Workshops - Big Success in Maryland and Raleigh
Olga Hervis and Silvia Kaminsky conducting the workshop in Raleigh last November. Stay tuned for another one coming up in North Carolina again Spring, 2015!
Last Updated on:: 03 / 19 / 2015
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Model Adaptations

Note: Adaptations, according to Wayne Harding, leader of the National Center's evaluation team, should only be made in consultation with the model's developers in order to "...retain the core components and ....preserve its effectiveness."

Hence, adaptations can easily be made, but only by the co-developer, Olga E. Hervis.
BSFT and its adaptations have been implemented in more than 20 states in the USA and in a variety of clinical formats, including home and center-based programs.

BSFT® was originally developed with Hispanic/Latino families but was subsequently tested with African American families as well. More recently it was selected by NIDA to be the adolescent treatment model to be tested as part of the National Clinical Trials Network. It was tested in 8 sites throughout the country with populations of all ethnic groups. The model is currently utilized in a wide variety of geographical settings and has proven to be successful with foster, as well as intact, families of varied ethnic backgrounds, and with deaf and/or hearing impaired families.

It has also been implemented in the service delivery field with several language and cultural minority groups, including Native Americans. BSFT was also successfully tested in the treatment of children ages 6 thru 12 who presented with externalizing and internalizing symptomatology. That study was awarded the Outstanding Research Award by the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy in 1989.