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Family Effectiveness Training (FET)
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Bakersfield Comes Out for BSFT Introductory Overview Workshop
Silvia Kaminsky conducting the workshop in April. As one person summarized "...It was Excellent with Capital E!"
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What Are the Proven Results of BSFT®?

A large body of research provides evidence of BSFT's efficacy. While BSFT is notable as a model developed particularly for its cultural competence with language and cultural minority families, the model has been tested with other populations including African-Americans, women, and those with HIV/Aids. An extensive list of adaptations have been made by the co-developer to a variety of settings including foster-care, Native American reservations, home-based and community clinic settings, transitional programs and others.
(Note: adaptations to any evidence based practice should only be made by its developer(s) to assure that core elements of the model are preserved.)

Relative to comparisons*, participating children/adolescents and their families showed:
  • 75% reduction in marijuana use
  • 75% of families remained in the program for the full dosage
  • 58% reduction in association with antisocial peers
  • 42% improvement in conduct disorder

In addition, Families showed significant:
  • Increased family participation in therapy (92% of referred/non mandated families)
  • Improvements in maladaptive patterns of family interactions (family functioning)
  • Improved family communication, conflict-resolution, and problem-solving skills
  • Improvement in family cohesiveness, collaboration, and child/family bonding