Family Therapy Training Institute of Miami
Training therapists to help 
at-risk children and their families
through the model evidence based program
Brief Strategic Family Therapy®(BSFT®)
Contact Information
1221 Brickell Avenue,
9th Floor, Miami, FL 33131
Toll Free: (888) 527 -3828

FAX: (786) 953-8404



Welcome Team # 3 From the left Top row:

LaNeisha Murphy now training as a BSFT Supervisor (BCS), Candace Trato, Shayna Irvine, our own Silvia Kaminsky, Vanessa Vodel

Bottom row: Nicole Nasierowski and Shanita Theil

Last Updated on:: 02 / 22 / 2017
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Our Mission - Our Goal

Our mission at The Family Therapy Training Institute of Miami is to provide the best training and consultation available for agencies and experienced clinicians based on our 30 years in the field of Brief Strategic Family Therapy and Family Effectiveness Training.

At FTTIM we are committed to help organizations and agencies implement viable and sustainable BSFT programs. We accomplish this by providing Certification and on-going consultation services to agencies, organizations, and stakeholders to insure BSFT efficacy, fidelity, and permanency.

Our goal is to maximize the effectiveness of treatment of troubled children and adolescents by all relevant community, social service, and mental health care givers. As the national trend for treating our at-risk youth moves towards effective family and community based programs, FTTIM remains a benchmark in the dissemination of our evidence-based practices. Our children, families, and communities deserve our dedication to expanding services from which they benefit.