Family Therapy Training Institute of Miami
Helping at-risk children and
adolescents and their families
through the model evidence based programs
Brief Strategic Family Therapy (BSFT)
Family Effectiveness Training (FET)
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1221 Brickell Avenue,
9th Floor, Miami, FL 33131
Toll Free: (888) 527 -3828

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Deb is the Supervisor and BSFT coordinator at the Community Mental Health for Central Michigan organization.  Read more under the Faculty and Staff link



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“The Brief Strategic Family Therapy program stands at the front lines in our defense against substance abuse. Today, we honor your work; we recognize as exemplary- a model to be emulated, replicated, adapted, and adopted in other communities across the country…. I can think of no better way to highlight your program than with this …“Federal Seal of Approval.”

Tommy G. Thompson
Secretary, Health and Human Services May 17, 2001

"Hervis has received wide recognition in the field of family therapy for her sensitive and creative approach to working with multi-problem families....Consistently, Hervis has shown a capacity for understanding key clinical concerns, developing effective treatment modalities and then training others to implement them effectively, under rigorous research scrutiny."- J. Szapocznik., Ph.D., co-developer of BSFT and FET

"BSFT has been extensively evaluated for more than 25 years and has been found to be efficacious in treating adolescent drug abuse, conduct problems, associations with antisocial peers, and impaired family functioning." -NIDA, therapy manual 5

"...treatments such as Brief Strategic Family Therapy (BSFT) have been shown to dramatically impact drug use and related problems in young people." - National Institute on Drug Abuse.

"FABULOUS! Great model! Should adopt for the entire agency". ◊-"Olga is an awesome and excellent trainer". ◊- " This [BSFT] is such a wonderful EBP, I can't wait to practice!". ◊-"[Olga and Silvia] were friendly and knowledgeable. I enjoyed the training very much. Excellent job explaining and giving examples.". ◊-"Very informative! Enjoyed the training big time!" ◊-"We just want to express our undying affection for your team & all they have given to our BSFT clinicians and agency as a whole",  - survey comments from recent Los Angeles BSFT workshops.

""You're [Silvia Kaminsky] a great supervisor and I feel like I am learning so much...I love the BSFT model because it doesn't put a label on family members, instead it looks at how members interact with each other and how the interaction helps or hurts the family. Love it!" - Diana LR., Michigan.

"Excellent BSFT workshop! I feel very fortunate to have been able to attend and learn from such an influence to the field as Ms. Hervis is...this is proven effective". ◊-"It was exciting and motivating. Thank you...!" ◊-"Olga was awesome!" ◊-"This was a workshop I want to practice and practice because it demonstrates very effective outcomes...loved it!" ◊-"It's an awesome therapeutic approach to facilitate change". ◊-"Olga, you did an amazing job. I thank you". ◊-"I really enjoyed the humor that was infused throughout the presentations. Thanks!" - Oklahoma trainees

"The Family Therapy Training Institute of Miami has been key in my growth as a Family Therapist. The Brief Strategic Family Therapy model has opened my mind to a new and effective way of promoting change in the families I work with. The success has been tremendous...makes me wonder 'why isn't every decent family therapist in this country doing BSFT?' There's just no other model that comes close." - S. DeJesus

"BSFT is an exceptional model. We love the positive outcome in our families, and are so grateful to Olga for her expert training".-Sarah, Maryland.

"The Brief Strategic Family Therapy training from FTTIM was excellent! It was extremely informative, presented by Olga Hervis in an exciting and fun manner. As an experienced family therapist, professor of family therapy, and executive director of a family therapy agency, I assumed that the training would be somewhat boring. Instead, I found myself riveted during Hervis' engaging presentations. As one of the developers of the model, she is extremely knowledgeable, and creates a wonderful learning experience with great enthusiasm and excitement. Hervis is a charismatic, top notch presenter who blends together expertly the lectures, videotapes, and group discussions. My staff and I find that we cannot say enough praises about this model and Olga's execution of the BSFT program." - Bart Rubin, PH.D

"The staff at FTTIM is extremely helpful and has been supportive of my staff and mission of District Heights Family and Youth Services Center. Our experience with Silvia [Kaminsky, Master Trainer] has been terrific. She not only is a mentor to the newly certified BSFT clinicians, but also a professional colleague that we admire and trust. Thank you for the wonderful experience even though we are miles away." - P. Souto

"Brief Strategic Family Therapy---which we learned through FTTIM---has proven to be a very effective model with our target population. I have enjoyed working with the FTTIM staff. The in-depth training and clinical supervision that they provided on the BSFT model has helped to enhance my skills as a counselor. Working with the FTTIM and learning the BSFT strategies provided motivation and renewed my excitement about counseling. Their Supervisor insured that I was not only skilled in implementing strategies, but also understood the reason behind these strategies. I am now certified in the BSFT model...'Oh, what a feeling!' ". - Estrella G.

"BSFT is a very effective model to use with families to promote systems change. The training program that FTTIM has put in place teaches the model very comprehensively through providing lots of live practice and feedback, as well as written and visual material. It is very helpful in learning how to diagnose family problems and implement effective change strategies within the system." - L. Shipman, Renaissance

"BSFT has been more successful with our Deaf families than traditional therapy...we have seen a high percentage of successful outcome..."- A. Kay, 5 Acres

"BSFT has been the most useful training I have ever had the privilege of experiencing." - Ginger Holman, L.C.S.W., San Francisco

"Of all the things I have attended, this is the best!".- K. Delacosta

" Best training I've had...can't wait to implement!" ◊ "Superb! Well done! Awesome!" ◊ "This has been the absolute best experience - I feel so fortunate to be working with you, with this model, and growing in this direction." ◊  "I feel so lucky to be a part of this model. Your training and leadership is very much appreciated!" "You're the Best, thanks for your wisdom and wit". "Many thanks for all your expertise, support and encouragement". "I have learned so much from you and look forward to the rest to come." Comments from Michigan trainees in BSFT

"I will be forever changed by this experience". -K. Smith

"You are the best; not only were you an incredible teacher of BSFT, but you made the sessions fun". -Linda B.

"While BSFT has been empirically proven to be effective with adolescents and their families, the clinicians at Summit Malibu have experienced tremendous success with families of all ages." -Summit Malibu Drug Rehab

"Loved the practical aspect of the therapy...great...animated and exciting...loved it." -C. Moran

"I believe in this model and have observed authentic changes within families. Thank you so much for the opportunity to have learned from the developer of the program [Olga Hervis]... which is an amazing priviledge". - Carrie, Michigan