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The faculty at the Family Therapy Training Institute of Miami™ is available to provide Case Consultation and Clinical Supervision services to individuals who are either already licensed or who are pursuing licensure as marriage and family therapists, clinical social workers, or mental health counselors.


Case consultations could involve a live family session conducted by FTTIM faculty with the presence of the clinician requesting the consultation.  Alternatively, the consulting clinician could submit to FTTIM a videotape of a family session, and request our review and feedback.  The consultation objectives are:


     1)    To orient the clinician to the family’s diagnostics according to the BSFT model,

     2)     Identify obstacles to the therapist’s effectiveness with the family system,

     3)     Establish a treatment plan consistent with BSFT


Case consultations are helpful for providing therapists with guidance on how to engage difficult family members into treatment.


Clinical supervision is consistent with the teachings and protocol of the BSFT model and involve:


     1)    Review of clinician’s and intern’s videotaped couple/family sessions,

     2)    Incorporation of BSFT Diagnostics,

     3)    Incorporation of BSFT Change principles,

     4)    Incorporation of Structural Systems Engagement to facilitate engagement of all necessary family members into treatment.

In addition to the above, the Family Therapy Training Institute of Miami provides administrative, clinical, and programmatic consultation related to evidence based practices.  Presentations, organizational assessments, program planning, and other services can be arranged by contacting the Institute at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .