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ENACTMENT - Developing Enactments for Diagnosis and Change

Al Gurman, Ph. D. once said in the Handbook of Family Therapy that Enactments were the “sine qua non” of interactive therapies. More recently the Journal of Marriage and Family Therapy (Aug 2008) published and article by Butler and colleagues were these thoughts were reiterated and emphasized. Enactments are the “bread and butter” of an interactional therapist.

In this workshop we teach the BSFT method for developing and using viable family enactments to diagnose family systems and create effective therapeutic change. Enactments are what brings maladaptive interactional sequences into the therapy session and thus available for directed change.

Enactments are used to diagnose. You see families behaving as usual, while the therapist observes. The therapist remains decentralized, unobtrusive to allow the family to act “as always”.

This workshop will teach:
BSFT definition of enactments
BSFT use of enactments for diagnosis
Enactment Questions
Enactment Tasks
BSFT use of enactments for change
Spontaneous enactments – the result of good tracking
Directed enactments – the result of good leadership
Decentralization techniques

This interactive workshop will include a PowerPoint presentation, class exercises, role play, analysis of videotaped family sessions, and Q’s and A’s.