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BSFT Overview Workshops - Big Success in Maryland and Raleigh
Olga Hervis and Silvia Kaminsky conducting the workshop in Raleigh last November. Stay tuned for another one coming up in North Carolina again Spring, 2015!
Last Updated on:: 01 / 17 / 2015
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The Family Therapy Training Institute of Miami (FTTIM) is proud to offer the training services shown in the table of contents below. 

These courses include the award-winning Brief Strategic Family Therapy(BSFT) Certification Program, the Family Effectiveness Training (FET) Program, and various other additional Skills workshops and services that stem largely from BSFT implementation.


All our training programs are generally delivered on-site, at the client's location, in order to maximize adaptability and reduce costs.


In the case of Brief Strategic Family Therapy™, to fully implement the model, agencies must train clinicians to the level of certification once the program's fit and the organization's readiness have been established.  Following certification, we at the Family Therapy Training Institute of Miami provide ongoing adherence monitoring for a period of at least three years.  After a period of consistent adherence, agencies are encouraged to identify candidates who may be able to function as BSFT Supervisors and Trainers. That is achieved through our Supervisor-Level Training program. It has been shown that developing the internal capacity to supervise increases the likelihood of sustainability and positive outcomes. 


As would be the case for the implementation of any evidence based practice, agencies considering Brief Strategic Family Therapy  or Family Effectiveness Training should determine whether BSFT® or FET is the best fit to local needs and conditions, as well as whether there is the necessary administrative and financial support to make the model sustainable over a period of years. Our short "Overview" programs (generally 2-3 days) provide an excellent opportunity to assess those local needs, and also to gauge if both the financial and community-supporting framework exist.


For full descriptions of the programs, please access the 8 topic links in the table below.


Costs vary according to the number of clinicians to be trained and/or the nature of the consultation or specific program. For an updated sample budget useful for planning purposes, please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



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