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An Adherence Program begins shortly following certification in Brief Strategic Family Therapy™, and is typically conducted on a monthly basis.  Agencies and clinicians that are providing BSFT to clients must adhere to the treatment model in order to assure fidelity, and thus, successful outcome.  In general, research on EBP implementation (including BSFT®) indicates that, without a monitoring program, adherence is particularly difficult during the first 3 years.   A Monthly Adherence Report on the scale scores and review findings---and any deficiencies noted---is submitted to the agency and clinician.  Specific recommendations are given if recalibration or remediation is needed.

There are 2 Adherence formats, one more rigorous than the other, and they can be alternated each month:

MONTHLY ADHERENCE MONITORING  The adherence monitoring session with the clinician is an hour long.


MONTHLY ADHERENCE SUPERVISION   The Adherence Supervision process, which sometimes alternates with Adherence Monitoring, goes a step beyond Monitoring.  The monthly or bi-monthly tapes/DVDs submitted for adherence are also supervised with an additional hour of phone/video supervision with the clinician.  Time devoted to Adherence Supervision is 2 hours.


Contact the Institute Administrator for further information regarding the Adherence Program, and for budget planning purposes at (888)-527-3828 or  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it