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The Family Therapy Training Institute of Miami is proud to be the premier provider of Brief Strategic Family Therapy (BSFT) Training Certification and Implementation.


Organizations and agencies with intent to implement Brief Strategic Family Therapy™ for their clients must provide training, supervision and certification for their therapists. 

The training program consists of both workshops and a supervised practicum.



BSFT certification training is typically delivered onsite in a series of 3 workshops (9 days total) over a period of several months.  The typical training cohort is 4-7 students.  This typical training package can be customized to accommodate variances in the size of a training cohort, the trainees experience level, and/or other unique circumstances.


The workshops, which are preceded by a 1-2 day Organizational Consultation Visit,  cover all essential BSFT elements including: theoretical concepts and foundation, relevant research findings, the diagnostic schema, treatment planning, and achieving systemic change.  The workshops are a combination of didactic practice exercises and videotape analysis.  Both live and videotape demonstrations are conducted, as well as clinical case consultations. Additionally, the BSFT Engagement Model for resistant families, and specifics for doing in-home BSFT, are also taught.  The workshops address especially complex clinical dilemmas and allow time for therapists to practice essential skills. Trainees can---and should---begin seeing families using BSFT after Workshop # 1.



Supervision leading to certification in BSFT begins 1-2 weeks after Workshop 1 and continues typically for 4-6 months (3 months is the minimum) depending on trainee advancement. Supervision entails weekly phone/video reviews of the trainees' videotaped BSFT family therapy sessions, group feedback and consultation. 



Agencies intending to implement BSFT must have BSFT-Certified clinicians.  Certification is awarded to trainees who complete the supervision stage and show competency in the mastery of BSFT principles. Certification is granted by the Family Therapy Training Institute of Miami (FTTIM)'s Competency Board. Yearly recertification is required to continue to practice BSFT for the first 3 years.  Thereafter, recertification occurs every 2 years.

Licensing is not required to practice BSFT.


Contact the Institute Adminstrators for further information and for budget planning purposes at (888)-527-3828 or at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it