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Brief Strategic Family Therapy®(BSFT®)
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Keeping BSFT strong in Southwest Michigan for years. Awesome!

Lacey Merchant, Fay Featherly, Angela Deal (BSFT Supervisor),

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This advanced-level training consists of 13 lessons.  It is delivered in a series of 3, three-day workshops (9 days total) over a period of several months. These workshops include in-depth training on the basic Family Effectiveness Training model and concepts, basics of BSFT as it relates to FET, as well as treatment planning and orchestrating change. Both live and videotaped demonstrations are conducted, as well as clinical case consultations, and avoiding dangerous pitfalls.

Half of each lesson is teaching (for communication and interaction).  Families are given exercises to do, enactments take place, and then those enactments are restructured to create more positive interactions. The workshops address especially complex clinical dilemmas and allow time for therapists to practice essential skills.

Supervision entails weekly phone/video reviews of the trainees' videotaped FET family therapy sessions, group feedback and consultation. There is one supervision for each of the 13 lessons.  Supervision in FET typically lasts for 3-6 months depending on trainee advancement. Local, regional and statewide cohorts are often formed to enhance peer learning.

A diploma is administered upon completion of the Family Effectiveness Training program through successful supervision. (Click Here for the FET Curriculum Outline)

Contact the Institute Administrator for further information and for budget planning purposes at (888)-527-3828 or at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it