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through the model evidence based program
Brief Strategic Family Therapy®(BSFT®)
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Welcome Team # 3 From the left Top row:

LaNeisha Murphy now training as a BSFT Supervisor (BCS), Candace Trato, Shayna Irvine, our own Silvia Kaminsky, Vanessa Vodel

Bottom row: Nicole Nasierowski and Shanita Theil

Last Updated on:: 02 / 22 / 2017
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Structural Family Systems Rating (SFSR) Training

The Structural Family Systems Ratings (SFSR) were developed alongside the development of BSFT to asses changes in family interactions that result from family interventions. It identifies patterns of family interactions that are theoretically parallel to the clinical conceptualizations of BSFT.
Besides assessing changes in the family processes, the SFSR also provides descriptive information about the structure and form of family relationships. Thus, it is both a measure as well as an aid in clinical diagnosing.

In this interactional workshop participants will learn:
  • Theoretical Foundations of the SFSR
  • Development of the SFSR
  • Reliability, Content Validity, and Studies Using the SFSR
  • How to Administer the SFSR
  • The SFSR Rating Scales
  • Rating the Family Tasks using the SFSR
  • Coding Process

Costs vary according to the number of personnel to be trained. For an updated sample budget useful for planning purposes, please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it